Yee-Haw, Ya’ll! Texas Weddings Can Be Large or Small

Texas weddings can run the gamut from formal to casual. And because Texas borders four states as well as Mexico, all with their own unique styles, couples have a variety of themes to choose from, as well as the chance to recognize any cultural ideas that may exist.

For example, those who live in the part of Texas that borders Louisiana may want to add a little Cajun spice or Southern charm to their Texas weddings. Both are appropriate, since Louisiana embraces both cultures.

Those who hail from the part of Texas that borders Arkansas can take advantage of some of the customs that were, and may still be, practiced by the mountain people of that great state. Both the mountain people and the hardy settlers who came to Oklahoma, which also borders Texas, brought many things to both Texas and the United States.

Further south and west, the Spanish customs that were and may also still be a part of Mexico and New Mexico can be included in Texas weddings. These can include anything from traditional wedding foods to dresses and veils that reflect the Spanish influence.

No matter which cultural rituals couples decide to include in their Texas weddings, they should have no trouble finding venues. Texas has a number of hotels, motels, and resorts, any of which would be a good choice for a wedding. Couples can also choose from bed and breakfast establishments, making it possible to hold the wedding and honeymoon in the same location.

Don’t forget that parts of Texas such as Corpus Christi and Galveston are located on the Gulf of Mexico. So Texas weddings can even be held on the beach.